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melanie ward

Mission Control

Melanie is the front line in creative and client services.

One of her abilities I respect most is the relative ease with which she makes perfect sense of things no one else understands. This is not because other people are stupid. It's simply that sometimes, when things first land on the desk, they are not terribly organized in terms of ideas, objectives or measurable results.

Melanie has the unique ability to spin the roulette wheel and land her ball precisely on the winning number. That, of course, is a metaphor because it implies luck. There is no luck in anything Melanie does. It's hours of roll-up-your-sleeves reading, understanding... and then ah-ha! The message falls into focus. The needle comes out of the haystack. The rest is easy. (ya, right.)

Once the key message is pinned down, there is still that small matter of managing detail. This is where Melanie excels. A photoshoot with 36 perishable products, props, a fixed budget, four other things going on the same day all under deadline, and complete files and documentation to explain what happened to back everything up?

That's what you call Mission Control.

Melanie's ability to work with many different project partners to achieve common goals has been proven through more than 20 years of agency and corporate experience, beginning in 1983 as a video producer with Dominion Stores.

A Ryerson graduate in journalism, she is both our project manager and principal video scriptwriter. As Mission Control, her role is to ensure all systems are working together to get the rocket off the ground.

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