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justin hammons

Brand Brain

Justin comes from a corporate retail / co-op / franchise background (ok, it's complicated), which, together with a communications degree, gives him a unique perspective on the challenges facing retailers of every stripe.

And the funny thing is this: the challenges in retail today are not that different than they were in the early 1980s: Brand definition. Brand consistency. Both brought together through discipline in Store Operations.

I hate to say it, but without this, almost everything else is incidental. Everything a company does has to begin with operations. Why? Because it is the delivery system. Product is important. Marketing is important. Human Resources? Say no more. Communication is the bread and butter of employee engagement. But without operations, there is no customer experience.

Justin gets that. Together, we're out there preaching it. And because he is—in technical terms—still a spring chicken, he offers a perspective on trends, lifestyle and demographics that brings real value to the team.

He's also a pretty good designer, producer, and has been known to throw down a Flash movie or two. But his real strength remains his brand brain. Justin's company, Traffic Marketing Group, is a Crunch! associate, and our combined skills are regularly brought to bear on a variety of communications projects.

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Great creative is important, but 
we put content before form, 
the message before the 
medium. We strive to 
understand the operational 
need before we focus on the 
marketing solution.


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