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george loney

Code Warrior

At last count, George knows or has worked in 32 different programming languages, but this doesn't make him a geek. Far from it. He's one of those people who can sit down and talk to you about how you want your website to work, without making it sound confusing. George is also an avid curler, traveller, and sails catamarans every chance he can get.

George is particularly attuned to the usability of websites—both for the customer and in the client-maintained back-end. This is a need he saw up close and personal when he ran the library system department at the University of Guelph. Over the years, he has developed payroll systems for companies like Loblaws, and has done an IT stint at Volkswagen, which partly explains his passion for cars.

He continues to improvise and invent simple solutions to complex problems, creating fast, elegant websites that deliver meaningful information to the user. Crunch! is an associate of Loney and Associates, and he is a valued associate of ours. It's an example of what we call a partnership of effort.

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