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barb dougherty

Bean Counter

Barb's the person who keeps our records straight and likes to make sure the bills get paid. Our suppliers love her. I don't like her that much, because basically her job is to give me cheques to sign, which sometimes sucks.

Barb's been doing this for us since about 1988, which probably means she knows more about me than I do. It also attests to her patience when it comes to putting up with me. We'd be lost without her, and maybe so would some of our invoices. (Hey! If they're addressed to you, you can always hope.)

I have to say one more thing. You've got to have fun at what you do, and that includes writing your own website, making fun of your bookkeeper, and hoping the heck she shares your sense of humour, which she does. After all, without a little fun, it would just be work. And that would beg another question: what's the point of that?

(You laffin' at me?)

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